What are the applications of our products?

Applications for our products

Lattice Materials produces parts for dozens of unique applications. Silicon and germanium are transmissive to infrared light, making them popular choices for infrared optical elements in thermal vision systems. Silicon’s properties as a semiconductor with a relatively low cost also lend it being a popular material in applications ranging from computer chips to solar panels. Lattice Materials also works with YAG, BK7, Zinc Selenide and other hard, brittle materials. Let us know what your application requires!

APPLICATIONSHow are Lattice Materials' parts used?


Lattice Materials machines custom visible and IR optical parts in both flat and curved shapes.

Thin Film Materials

Silicon and germanium sputtering targets and evaporation sources in any size or shape, up to 17.5″ in diameter.


Reflective silicon mirror parts for lasers and x-ray beam steering components.

Semiconductor Support

Rings, gas distribution, wafer handling parts and specialty wafers made from silicon.

Witness Samples

Lattice Materials has silicon and germanium witness samples in stock, ready to ship or can custom machine flat or wedged witness pieces for you.


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