Semiconductor Support

Custom silicon wafers and semiconductor processing parts.

Specialty Wafers

Lattice Materials can produce non-standard wafers for your requirements in either low volume or production quantities. Some applications for custom wafers include research and development, optical filters, windows and much more. When you need wafers that aren’t readily available on the open market, Lattice Materials is your go-to source.

  • Any diameter up to 14″
  • Any thickness down to 1/2 mm
  • Precision polishes and etching capabilities to  better than 20/10 scratch/dig, 1/10 wave flatness and down to 10 Å RMS

Semiconductor Support

Lattice Materials is a vendor for some of the largest semiconductor fabs in the world. We produce a wide variety of silicon parts for use in furnaces, wafer handling, gas distribution, etching and more.

  • Out of production or custom parts available
  • 99.999%+ pure silicon
  • Precision machining that minimizes sub-surface damage, chips and fractures

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