Si & Ge Czochralski Seeds

any size and shape etched and ready to use

Lattice Materials is trusted by the leaders in high volume silicon growth to provide quality, consistent Cz seed crystals at competitive prices. Custom made to your specifications, silicon and germanium seed crystals from Lattice Materials are etched to remove subsurface damage and create a growth-ready product.

Silicon and Germanium Czochralski Seed Crystals

  • Specific milling and handling techniques to minimize subsurface damage
  • Custom and standard shapes available
  • Multiple orientations available
  • Etched for superior strength and performance


  • Diameter tolerances to +/- 0.001 inches (0.025mm)
  • Lengths up to 8.0 inches (200mm)
  • Orientation tolerances to +/- 15 min

We make Cz seeds for our own growth department, so we know how important it is to get them right. Top solar and semiconductor silicon growers worldwide use our seeds with great success. Contact us today with your drawing or specifications.