Thin Film Materials

Silicon and Germanium sputtering and evaporation materials.

Sputtering Targets

Lattice Materials is a trusted supplier to some of the largest and highest volume users of sputtering targets. From small to large with virtually any thickness you could require, we’re equipped to supply prototype or production volumes. We can also machine holes, do multi-target configurations, joints and any other complex feature you need for your sputtering targets.

  • Silicon or Germanium
  • Mono or Polycrystalline
  • Intrinsic to Virtually any Resistivity
  • Less than 0.5″ to larger than 17.5″
  • Etching and polishing are available
  • Backing plates and bonding avialable

Evaporation Sources

Lattice Materials has been providing silicon and germanium evaporation sources for over two decades. We can machine precise conical shapes, pellets and any other shape you may require. Just in time delivery is also available with blanket orders.


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