Lattice Materials serves a broad variety of industries

INDUSTRIESserved since 1989

Defense Optics

Lattice Materials’ largest customers are in the defense optics industry. These include aircraft targeting and thermal vision systems, UAV optics, infrared countermeasures systems, missile guidance optics and more.

Thin Film Coating

Lattice Materials provides high quality silicon and germanium sputtering targets, evaporation sources and more.


Lattice Materials provides high-precision laser mirrors and laser mirror blanks. These are commonly used in CO2 lasers and others.

Commercial Optics

Silicon and germanium parts for commercial optics applications, including infrared security cameras, infrared inspection cameras, fire safety systems and flame detection.


Lattice Materials provides specialty silicon and germanium wafers as well as silicon parts for wafer handling, furnace-ware, gas distribution, etching and more.

Research and Development

Lattice Materials commonly provides silicon and germanium parts for research and development purposes. These range from solar panel research to new crystal growth techniques, from optical research to x-ray stearing and much more.

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