Germanium Lenses

Germanium lenses are optical lenses fabricated from germanium (Ge) primarily due to its unique optical properties — particularly its high refractive index, thermal stability, and infrared transparency.

Lattice Materials is exceptionally equipped to create optical components, and germanium lenses in particular, to precise optical specifications with any finishing you require.

Our production staff uses precision CNC curve generators to produce best-in-class germanium lenses for any of your requirements — from prototype requests through full production volumes.

Our germanium lenses are used in various high-performance optical systems, particularly in applications that involve infrared imaging systems, remote sensing, and thermal imaging systems.

High-Performance Lenses

Optical lenses fabricated from germanium can maintain high optical performance.

Germanium has many advantages, making it a suitable material for fabricating spherical lenses and aspheric lenses for various applications in aerospace, defense, and infrared optics.

  • Germanium has a high refractive index, so lenses made of Ge can focus light more efficiently and deliver higher-resolution imaging such as thermal cameras, remote sensing, and night vision devices.
  • Ge lenses can transmit infrared wavelengths without significant loss, allowing for clear and accurate imaging.
  • Germanium has excellent thermal stability. It can withstand high operating temperatures without degrading optical performance. This makes Ge ideal for use in applications where lenses are subjected to extreme environmental conditions or require efficient heat dissipation, such as infrared cameras used in aerospace or military applications.

Crystal Structure: Diamond cubic

Density, g/cm3: 5.323
Mohs Hardness: 6.3

Index of Refraction @25: @3 microns, n = 4.0045

Absorption Coefficient @25, cm -1 @3 microns, a = 0.0047

Custom Lens Manufacturer

Manufacturing custom germanium lenses for high-performance optical applications requires expertise in germanium optics, advanced equipment such as CNC curve generators, and highly controlled manufacturing processes.

At Lattice Materials, we custom manufacture germanium lenses with a well-defined and controlled process to ensure that they meet stringent performance requirements:

  • Material Selection: High-quality germanium substrate is crucial for producing high-performance lenses, as any defects or impurities in the germanium crystals could impact the optical properties of the finished lens. Rely on Lattice to provide high-grade custom-grown germanium to ensure high-quality lenses.
  • Fabrication: Our specially developed handling and machining techniques help to eliminate sub-surface damage and chipping. We maintain several top-quality multi-axis CNC vertical mills devoted to machining complex lenses in either production or prototype quantities.
  • Polishing & coating: Our polishing techniques deliver exceptional levels of flatness, surface roughness, and surface quality. Germanium lenses often require optical or anti-reflection coatings to improve their performance and durability. Coatings can enhance transmission efficiency, reduce reflections, and provide protection against harsh environments.
  • Quality Control and Testing: Lattice Materials is ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management certified. We implement quality control measures throughout the manufacturing process to ensure the lenses meet the desired specifications. We have metrology capabilities to measure and meet your specific lens requirements.

Atomic Density, atoms/cm3: 4.416 

Lattice Constant, nm @23℃: 0.565754

Surface Tension mN/m (=dyne/cm): 650

Poisson’s Ratio 125K-375K: 0.278

Melting Point : 937.4

Do you have a custom requirement for germanium optical components? Send us your specific requirements, and our technical sales representatives will analyze what is needed to deliver ready-to-use components within your lead time.

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