Electro-Optic & Infrared Materials (EO/IR)

Optical systems for defense and aerospace are among the most advanced uses for electro-optical/infrared (EO/IR) components.

Precision targeting and surveillance systems guard our frontiers, whether it is remote battlefields, the high seas, or space — the final frontier! 

Lattice Materials specializes in producing US-grown silicon and germanium boules and components, with full traceability, manufactured within US shores, so sensitive material specifications and drawings are not sent offshore.

Our advanced EO/IR optical systems are used on Manned Aircraft, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), thermal targeting systems, self-guided missiles, night vision goggles, and much more.

Unparalleled Field of Vision

EO/IR materials and components are critical in various defense and aerospace applications for surveillance, precision target tracking, missile guidance, and reconnaissance.

We engineer and manufacture EO/IR components to exacting standards, ensuring they exhibit the desired optical properties, such as high transparency, low absorption, and precise refractive indices. 

These properties allow EO/IR systems to transmit, reflect, and focus light with high precision and efficiency, enabling high-resolution thermal imaging.

High-definition imaging displays have day/night and low-light operational capabilities to accurately detect and track air, sea or surface threats.

Advanced targeting devices powered by our electro-optic and infrared systems provide an unparalleled field of vision for rapid target acquisition, laser guidance operations and superior situational awareness at nighttime.

Silicon and Germanium

Mono or Polycrystalline

Round or Rectangular Shapes up to 17.5″ (450 mm)

Polished to optical specifications better than 20/10 scratch/dig, 1/10th wave flatness and down to 10 Å RMS

Custom thin film coatings (AR, DLC and others) are also available

*All specifications are dependent on part geometry.

Do you have a custom requirement for EO/IR components? Send us your specifications, and our engineering and sales teams will connect with you to discuss your project details.

Enhanced Target Precision

Electro-optic and infrared materials improve the accuracy and resolution of critical detection and imaging systems, particularly in military and defense applications.

We manufacture EO/IR materials with extremely high optical quality and consistency for fabricating high-precision components.

For example, our custom-grown, high-purity germanium and silicon crystals are invaluable for manufacturing high-precision EO/IR optical systems. In addition, advanced production techniques ensure accuracy and consistency in performance. 

Our EO/IR technologies provide precision targeting at extended ranges, ideal for target acquisition and reconnaissance missions.

Whether in a state-of-the-art anti-ship cruise missile detection system or a next-generation space surveillance system, our high-precision, fabricated silicon and germanium components enable crews to precisely detect, acquire, and track high-value targets even at long ranges.

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